Programming Ideas

Grant Information

Gamma Sigma Alpha is pleased to offer chapter programming grants for active chapters that want to host events, sponsor or co-sponsor academic programs, and/or recognize outstanding academic achievement in students.

In order to help advance and recognize student academic achievement and engagement, Gamma Sigma Alpha chapters may apply for programming grants of up to $1,000.

Requirements for Chapter Eligibility

  • Any college or university that hosts an “active” Gamma sigma Alpha chapter (initiation must have been held at least once in the past year)
  • Submission of application must occur at least one month prior to the program
  • Chapter must not have received a grant during the past 12 months

Use of Grants

  • Grants may not be awarded to an individual student.
  • Grants may cover such things as speaker fees, publicity materials, room reservations, audio-visual equipment, refreshments, etc.
  • Grants may not be used to cover Gamma Sigma Alpha initiation fees, honor cords, ritual materials, banner, table cover, etc.

Review/Approval Process

  • A committee composed of Gamma Sigma Alpha national board members will review grant applications and decide upon award amounts.
  • Evaluation CriteriaPositive impact on students and/or faculty/staff
  • Thorough planning
  • Value of program proportionate to cost
  • Notification of the award and processing of the check will take place no later than a week prior to the date of the program.

Requirements of Chapters Receiving Grants

  • Recognition that the program has been sponsored in part by a grant from Gamma Sigma Alpha National Organization must be noted at the time of the program.
  • Within two weeks of the program date, the “Final Report Form” must be submitted via email to This is the responsibility of the “Gamma Sigma Alpha Student Contact” as noted on the grant application.  Failure to submit the final report will affect the ability of the chapter to receive future grants.
  • If the program receiving funding does not take place, the grant must be returned within two weeks of the intended date of the program.
  • Programming Grant Application

To learn more or should you have questions, contact the GSA office at (844) 705-3291.

Ideas Information

Some of our chapters operate solely as an honorary and initiations are the only events the chapter hosts. However, many of our chapters look to lead the charge of academic achievement on their campuses and utilize some of the academic program ideas listed below.

  1. Monthly recognition/appreciation of faculty. Check out our Faculty Relations Guide here.
  2. Create an Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award
  3. Provide faculty advisors with “mini-grants” of up to $50 to spend on their chapters for academics.
  4. Take out a campus newspaper ad listing GSA members each semester (list the new members names, affiliation and major).
  5. Take out a campus newspaper ad listing all Greeks who achieve Dean’s List status each semester.
  6. Create an All-Greek academic recognition event.
  7. Greek library study-a-thon.
  8. Purchase a large dictionary for each chapter.
  9. Purchase a rare book for the campus library
  10. Provide tickets for attendance at campus/community cultural events–concerts, plays, exhibits, historical tours for members.
  11. Give scholarships to attend leadership conferences, or for tuition and fraternity-related expenses (i.e. UIFI).
  12. Enter a team in Greek Week and other All-Greek University events.
  13. Sponsor academic enrichment programming – Greek study sessions for general education requirements, act as tutors, sponsor sessions on study skills such as time management, listening, note-taking, writing paper, preparing of exams.
  14. Hire a tutor for 101 classes (English and Math) and offer to all new members of the Greek Community weekly.
  15. Underwrite the costs of All-Greek scholarship recognition – plaques, certificates, etc.
  16. Team up GSA members with faculty mentors.
  17. Become a member of the campus Honors Assembly and a part of campus-wide academic recognitions ceremonies.
  18. Enter the names of GSA members in the commencement programs (where other honor society members are listed).
  19. Create a Faculty Advisors program for your Greek Community.